Easy / Medium
7 days
April - October


This journey will give you unique experience to see beautiful places that are hidden and not seen by many people. You will enjoy the rich gastronomic selection of traditional and national dishes, historic sites and rafting as a sport activity on our journey through the Croatian beautiful landscape.

1st day

Transfer from Zagreb/Rijeka to Karlovac. Karlovac is the intersection of major roads linking the coastal and inner Croatia. Exploring the beauty of town you will enjoy the green valleys of four Karlovac rivers, and in the rich cuisine of our restaurants. Sightseeing of the historical part of the town. Dinner in a restaurant near river Kupa, enjoying the gastronomic specialties and wine tasting with the serene view of surrounding landscape.

2nd day

Departing from Karlovac to Plitvice lakes National Park where we will explore the beautiful paths and enjoy the view of the majestic waterfalls. Most of the time you will walk and our trip include panoramic train and electric boat tour. You will remain speechless and treasure every moment of this place which is included on the list of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Our tour will end in the restaurant, where you will enjoy the rich gastronomic selection of traditional and national dishes in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Departure to the Karlovac.

3rd day

Departing from Karlovac to Skrad. Enjoying in the walk through Green vortex resort where you can see hidden natural beauty of Gorski kotar area. Another attraction is the 800 meter long canyon of Devil's passage. Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful scenery in the country. At the end of Devil's passage is another attraction called Muževa hižica. This cave is located above the plateau ends the Devil's passage. You will enjoy the gastronomic selection of traditional and national dishes of restaurant Risnjak, one of the best restaurants in this area. Departure to the Karlovac.

4th day

Departing from Karlovac to island of Krk in order to experience coastal environment and climate. We will drove to Jurandvor, the historical place which hide the national cultural monument of the Croatian people. Our next stop is in Baška where we are going to enjoy in Mediterranean cuisine. The rest of the time you can enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea and rest on one of the most beautiful beaches of the northern Adriatic. On our way back we are going to visit small town Vrbnik, also famous for beautiful streets and rich Croatian history. We are going to stop by in the local tavern where you can taste homemade local wines and rakija, the traditional Croatian alcoholic drink. Departure to the Karlovac.

5th day

Departure from Karlovac to Primišlje, place near town Slunj. Discover northern Croatia in adventurous way rafting on the river Mrežnica. Experience untouched river system and rarely explored canyon and the cavern of upper Mrežnica. The landscape is going to leave you speechless as you try to memorize every moment. After this adventure we are going to Rastoke village which is famous for the beautiful waterfalls of river Slunjčica. Dinner in one of the local restaurants and enjoying in beautiful landscape surrounding with a sound of waterfalls. You may feel as if you are in a magical place surrounded by so much beauty. Departure to the Karlovac.

6th day

Departure from Karlovac to Zagreb. The capital of Croatia is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, standing shoulder to shoulder with other European capitals. Rich with many cultural amenities and facilities you will enjoy walking around the city center and soak up the rhythm of this city. In the center of the city spreads green area and park Zrinjevac where you can feel serenity in this large and busy town. After you visit sights of Zagreb we will take you to a local restaurant in the center of the city. Enjoying in the evening atmosphere of the city. Departure to the Karlovac.

7th day

Departure from Karlovac to north Croatia area, Hrvatsko zagorje. The Zagorje region is characterised by numerous forests, thermal springs and culinary delicacies. Just like the old Croatian nobility, you can also ‘find refuge’ in Zagorje visiting the Trakošćan castle and experiencing the history of this castle. Today the castle is one of the few facilities in Croatia with preserved its own constitution, historically closely related to the architectural framework and the life of its owners. Enjoying the gastronomical specialities in Trakošćan restaurant. Departure to Karlovac.

Group size:

Groups of 4 – 14 people, trips for larger groups organised upon request.


If clients request a trip for less than 4 people in a group, the price of the trip is 20% higher per person.


01.04. – 31.10. (every day)
On request
Price includes:
Offer includes accommodation in hotels and transfers in luxury vans, tour guides, insurance.
Price does not include:
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Transport to the place of the meeting
Personal items


Easy / Medium
Sightseeing, Rafting, Wine and dine
Karlovac, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Skrad, Island of Krk, Primišlje, Zagreb, Hrvatsko zagorje
7 days
Spring and summer are usually warm and sunny. From May to October temperatures are pleasant to stay and activities in nature. The possibility of rainy periods always has and it is necessary to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for bad weather
In the event of extreme weather conditions TerraCroatica reserves the right to change timetablea activities. If the change of time is not possible your deposit will be fully refunded.