Easy / Medium
8 days
April - October


Offer includes 8-day exploring of natural beauties of the rivers Kupa, Mrežnica, Una, Zrmanja and Cetina.

Enchanting beauty of crystal clear waters... Croatia truly is a pearl of unspoiled nature. And you have a chance to see and explore it all, to enjoy yourself and be adventurous, to see why this small country is known all over the world as a „must see“ destination.

Day 1 - Arrival

Transfer from the airport to the hotel. After dinner sightseeing tour of Karlovac – town on 4 rivers and town of parks. We'll visit Dubovac castle and have a complimentary drink at one of the pubs where we will present a detailed itinerary of your trip.

Day 2 - Rafting on the Mrežnica

We start our journey in Keići near a bridge that was destroyed in WW II. Down river in Jankovo Selište we can see a raft which is used daily to ferry people across river to Gornji Zvečaj. A pontoon bridge in Gornji Zvečaj, downriver of Puškarića waterfall, is another interesting object and the spot where our trip ends. The flow of lower Mrežnica is a lot calmer and therefore ideal for one-day family trips during the summer months to escape from city heat. It is open to all ages, from 7 to 77 to experience a different Croatia.

Day 3 - Kayaking on the Mrežnica

Join us in the untold stories of the wild, untamed Mrežnica near Slunj, raft down some of the most beautiful waterfalls and travertine barriers. On our 5 kilometer tour between Čičin most and Tržički most we will paddle down over 26 barriers and waterfalls from a total of 93 found along 64 kilometers of this turquoise beauty which flows through karst landscape.

We use inflatable Hypalon kayaks, model Sit on Top for two adults and one child. Kayaks are very stable and easy to use. Each group has one or two guides, depending on the size of the group.

Day 4 - Rafting on the Kupa

Rafting on the Kupa in the company of experienced skippers in raft boats for 2 – 8 people. Parts of the river from Osilnica to Brod na Kupi are not dangerous but hide many surprises and display rich flora and fauna of Gorski Kotar. You can slide down some rapids only in life-vests to complete the adventure. The trip lasts 4 – 5 hours, depending on water level of the Kupa and on the length of breaks.

Day 5 - Rafting on the Una

The Una forms a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia - Herzegovina. It is a river of stunning beauty and emerald, clear water that will impress you. Don't miss the opportunity to paddle down its beautiful rapids. Calmer sections of the river are open to families with children and those looking for less challenging adventures surrounded by beautiful nature.

R1: Rafting stage Štrbački Buk - Lohovo

Rafting stage Štrbački Buk - Lohovo: the most fascinating part of the Una, 15 km of the river running through Una National Park, a rafting stage for adrenalin seekers lasting from 4 to 5 hours, depending on breaks and water levels. Water difficulty 4-5, 3-4, 2-3.

Day 6 – Rafting on the Zrmanja

Carving its way through limestone rocks for millions of years this beautiful river created fascinating geological and hydrological phenomena such as canyons, travertine barriers and water runoffs created over thousands of years by heavy rains.

Our adventure begins in Kaštel Žegarski where we enter the canyon carved through large monolithic rocks. At Panin Kuk, where Zrmanja is joined with its tributary Krupa you can see the ruins of an ancient fortress. Strengthened by the waters of Krupa river, Zrmanja changes its character and leads us to the highest waterfall on the river (11 meters). Combined with magnificent landscapes this travertine giant will undoubtedly capture any adventurer. The canyon ends at Ogarkov Buk and the river flows through the valley down to Muškovci waterfall where our adventure ends.

Day 7 – Rafting on the Cetina

Omiš is a beautiful small town, rich in history, just 20 km from Split. It is situated on the river mouth of Cetina beneath the cliffs of Mosor and Omiška Dinara. Omiš is a great place for all kinds of outdoor activities, from rafting, canoeing, hiking, cycling and canyoning to free climbing.

We meet our guests at Izletište Luka, on the left bank of Cetina, 6,5 km from Omiš and drive to our starting point Slime. After about 3 hours rafting through the canyon of one of Croatia's most beautiful rivers we end our trip at Izletište Luka. In the summer water temperature is about 20°C and air temperature about 30°C so you can swim and enjoy hydromassage under the waterfalls. Rapids alternate with calm parts of the river, water difficulty is 1-3, so rafting does not require any experience or special physical strength and is suitable for children accompanied by parents.

Day 8 – Transfer to airport

Group size:

4 – 14 people
Trips for larger groups organised upon request.


If clients request a trip for less than 4 people in a group, the price of the trip is 20% higher per person.


01.04. – 31.10. (every day)
8970kn (1180€)
Price includes:
Offer includes Accommodation in hotels with 3-4 stars, all transfers in luxury vans, guide, insurance, Lunch every day except arrival and departure in the local ambience, welcome drink and water (1.5 liters per person per day) and all Equipment for rafting (boat, Guide neoprene suits).
Price does not include:
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Transport to the place of the meeting
Personal needs


Kajak, Rafting
Hotels and apartments
Rivers: Kupa, Mrežnica, Una, Zrmanja and Cetina
8 days
Spring and summer are usually warm and sunny. From May to October temperatures are pleasant to stay and activities in nature. The possibility of rainy periods always has and it is necessary to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for bad weather
In the event of extreme weather conditions TerraCroatica reserves the right to change Timetablea Activities . If the change of time is not possible your deposit will be fully refunded.